Pumpkin Gourd

Fall Decorating with Creative Gourd Art

We are having fun with these amazing creations made from long goose neck hard-shelled gourds. They are grown on a farm nestled amongst the Blue Mountains of Pennsylvania. Ben Bear found that this crop of gourds with wood like shells dried and would be left on the ground of his field all winter long. With a background in carpentry and time off in the winter months, these fun creations began over twenty years ago. Now more perfected throughout the years, these gourds are handmade by a team in Pennsylvania where they still grow and dry the gourds themselves, crafting fun and whimsical delights.

These gourds are easy to care for. They are flammable, so use only the battery operated tea lights and low 7 watt bulbs that are provided by the art. When not in season and you'd like to stash your gourds away, just wrap them in paper or bubble wrap and put them in a dry space. This way you are insured a hundred years of enjoyment.

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