Sarda Caribbean Quartz Pendant

Friday, October 28th through Wednesday, November 9th

BeJeweled, Hilltop North, Virginia Beach, VA

Traveling the globe, Janyl Adair personally selects colorful natural, semi-precious and precious stones and sets them in unique silver patterns to create an expression of the beauty she sees in everyday nature – inspired by colors and scenery that the average person does not notice.

With stones strewn before her, Janyl then hand draws each collection before sending them to her silversmiths in Bali, Indonesia who create the final pieces. She has enjoyed a successful partnership with the same silversmiths for ten years because they share her commitment to quality craftsmanship and better working conditions for the workers.

So with every piece of Sarda jewelry, there is a story, a scene, a moment. A picture in Janyl’s mind’s eye to share. Each collection is a reflection of nature’s colors. Each piece is a reflection of something in the woman it adorns. Unique. Timeless. Chic. Memorable.

That is Sarda.

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