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Large Sea Turtle Wall Hanging

Large Sea Turtle Wall Hanging

$ 99.50

Sku 3621

Large Sea Turtle Wall Hanging by Blue Heron Glass Art 11 1/4”w x 9 1/2”h

Christie Moody's studio is located in a historic barn on her farm in northeast Georgia. She is inspired by the flora and fauna of the Georgia river and coastal habitats. She has developed her own techniques of carving, hotworking, fusing, engraving and slumping glass. Moody's work is very playful and colorful.

In the process of the hand blown glass it is common to observe small air bubbles, lines and individual marks left by the craftsmen. These are not flaws but rather the distinctive nature of the hand made process. Variations in color and artistry may vary piece to piece making each piece unique.

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