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    At Shop BeJeweled, we believe that everyone deserves to "be jeweled" with fine quality jewelry that is real and affordable. That’s what we know and that's what we do best~ for over 20 years now.

    Russell is the boy who grew up surrounded by the magic of his family's stores, playing with fossils and rocks. His mother making handmade candles and is father manufacturing jewelry. My name is Leslie and I was the artist who fell in love with the jewelry business back in 1995 while getting my degree in Fine Art. And then we two fell in love combining our talents and knowledge to open BeJeweled in 2002 in Norfolk, Virginia to offer to you what we love with exceptional customer service. Since then we have also opened a store in Virginia Beach and launched our online shop in 2015.

    There is always a lot of love here at BeJeweled because we want you to find a treasure that you will love and will want to wear for a lifetime. What we offer is alternative jewelry that is handmade and unique, not the traditional jewelry store with pieces that are massed produced. We specialize in different gemstones and jewelry techniques that have been used for centuries. We travel the world in search for these creations. Sometimes we create our own pieces. But our love is not just limited to jewelry, you will find amazing gifts and colorful American art glass and other works of art.
    Please enjoy shopping with us and we hope you'll find something you will love to wear and "be jewel" yourself.
    Leslie & Russell
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