Cloisonné Glass Ball Ornament

The Art of Cloisonné

Sea Turtle Ornament

This is an ancient technique of decorating metal objects. The art of cloisonné is done by soldering thin gold or silver wires to create compartments and edges on an object. Then the object is painted to leave the decorative wires visible. The enamel is worked on with an enamel powder made into a paste and then fired in a kiln. This technique of cloisonné has evolved over centuries since it first appeared in Ancient Egypt. Byzantine art perfected this style of cloisonné by using finer wires and using more decorative elements like gemstones into the art. During the 18th century, China's Kangxi Emperor had a cloisonné workshop and during the Fall of Constantinople in 1453, China benefited from skilled Byzantine refugees fleeing. Chinese cloisonné is amongst the best known enamel cloisonné in the world. 

We have several cloisonné ornaments available but not all of them are available online since colors can vary in some designs. We also started carrying this collection of glass ball ornaments with cloisonné work that are beautiful with light coming through the design.

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