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"We have been shopping at Bejeweled for all of their 20 years. Whether shopping for a special gift or just browsing through the lovely shop, the owners make you feel welcome and are always willing to help find that special treasure. Their selections include unique choices at every price range. A trip to Bejeweled is always an enjoyable experience." ~Danythe Hoyle, November 8th, 2022

"We absolutely loved the shop! If you are looking for something special and not all the same old stuff from the niche stores, this is the place to go!!! We will definitely go back! He treated us special and was very helpful! They have a great selection at a great price point! ~Laura Jones, July 8th, 2022

"First of all the customer service is amazing. The owner always makes us feel welcome and allows us to window shop without any pressure. He always has an awesome selection of fun and unique jewelry and cards. My boyfriend always takes me there for birthday and it is such a fun date night." ~Michelle Burkett, February 19th, 2021

"Oh my gosh if I could give 10 stars I would. Russel and his wife are so sweet and the most professional, knowledgeable and kindhearted business owners I've ever had the pleasure of working with. I've bought multiple rings from this store, my mom has gotten necklaces, rings and bracelets here and they're always gorgeous and high quality. They have the best little cards, ornaments and glass art as well. Whether you're from VB or just visiting, this is the most personable and friendly store you will experience on the whole East Coast." ~Alex Greene, November 2021

"I have at least 15 pieces from this shop. Excellent customer service and the array of selection is wonderful. Something for every budget. Recommend this to everyone who comments on my pieces and of course all my friends and family. I have the ladies write the info of the pieces that I like and then I give it to my husband. A no brained gift shopping experience for him. Of course they gift wrap! See you soon!" ~Brenna Jacobs, September 16th, 2019

"I absolutely love this store! BEST customer service ever! I love SO many pieces of jewelry. I need to go back more often. So much to look at. HIGHLY RECOMMEND to shop here often!" ~Nancy Devine-Fries, July 5th, 2019

"A truly wonderful owner(s) and a lovely - but not too expensive - shopping experience. I highly recommend this shop for any, and all, special occasion gifts, as well as for unique items that are high quality and just right for everyone!" ~Marion Sofield, March 7th, 2019

"Love this place!! All the pieces are handmade & gorgeous & they have great customer service as well. Russell answered all of my questions & took the time to tell me where each piece was from heart I’m very happy with my purchases & I’ll be shopping for my jewelry here from now on." ~Marisa Calixto Reynoso, July 18th, 2018

"Amazing selection of merchandise. Stunning mermaids. Beautiful jewelry. I wanted to buy everything I saw. Friendly staff." ~Karin Wagner, April 24th, 2018

"This shop is amazing, and they couldn't be friendlier! They have something for everyone, in every price range. We found it accidentally, while waiting for my daughter's dress fitting next door, and will now make it a regular stop. Go! Have fun!" ~Kristyn Kingston Rose, March 27th, 2018

"This is my "Go To" place for beautiful jewelry. The owners are friendly, the prices fair and the shop is easily accessible in a wheelchair." ~Cynthia Pardy, January 2nd, 2018

"I have been shopping here for years now, and I'm ashamed that I haven't left a review sooner! I purchased my wedding jewelry at BeJeweled in 2014, and still get more compliments on that necklace than any piece of jewelry I own. I have purchased other jewelry for myself and as gifts, along with several of the Glass Eye Studio ornaments the store carries. They are absolutely gorgeous! This shop really has something for everyone. An incredible display of one of a kind pieces from all over, and the absolute nicest of people who I truly believe love what they do, which makes the experience even better. I always leave with a huge smile, and usually a beautiful new piece of art! Thank you, BeJeweled!" ~Shannon Kidd, June 2nd, 2017
"This is my favorite jewelry shop anywhere. It beats out anything from here to Las Vegas. If you want the same piece as a hundred others, unremarkable and bought in bulk, go ahead and shop those stores at the mall. Here are individually curated items, unique, crafted by artisans. The pieces are amazingly beautiful, and each has its own story. More like an art gallery than a jewelry store, yet the pieces are so affordable. But if the selection and prices are not enough, go for the world class service. The owners are so thoughtful and kind, and so knowledgeable and passionate about their offerings, so warm and approachable, you'll leave with a new friendship even if you don't leave with a bag." ~Jeanne Wilkins, March 4th, 2017
"Wonderful jewelry! Very friendly attitude and extremely helpful staff. You can find every type of gem stone along with some rare stones. Check this place out asap." ~Fatima C Engle, December 2nd, 2016

"This is the exact type of store I was searching for while on vacation in Virginia Beach. They have a great selection of amazing one-of-a-kind items made from shells and gems in every price range." ~Kelly Rager Corcoran, June 16th, 2016

"My husband and I wandered into this shop in the McArthur Center Mall just to browse. I fell in love with the unique selection. It's not your typical jewelry store with the same old boring items that you see in every jewelry case in EVERY jewelry store in the mall. Their items were unique, original, and super affordable. The man who helped us (I think he was the shop owner) was very friendly, but he didn't hover and he wasn't pushy at all. He was helpful and very knowledgeable. I got a simple eternity band and it may very well be my new favorite piece of jewelry. I highly recommend this store. It's worth a trip all the way from the OBX!" ~Melissa Henley Shell, January 2nd, 2016

"This is my absolute favorite jewelry store, and I regularly recommend it to friends. Everyone here is always incredibly friendly and helpful- I came in once for a repair to a piece, and was met with the most gracious customer service from the owner that I've ever experienced." ~Kendal Butler, December 14th, 2015

"I am a "Jewelry Addict"...and I've been to every jewelry shop around - as far as Hawaii...I absolutely LOVE Bejeweled, The store manager Leslie is so knowledgeable about every piece in the store - and you learn so much about the Artists. But the bigger thing is the "welcoming" you will receive there. I am a customer for life!" ~Jeanette Wiseman Shirkey, September 17th, 2015

"I've shopped at your MacArthur location several times now, and every time I find the most beautiful and unique pieces and spend way too much! But the real reason I'm writing this review is because of the stellar service I receive from your staff. They are so kind and helpful! Just today I needed a new back put on a pair of earrings and went to TWO jewelry repair shops in the mall plus a big box jewelry store and none could help. Then I said to myself, "Self, I bet those nice folks at Bejeweled can help me!" Sure enough, I was in and out in less than five minutes with brand new backs put on for me. And I had enough time to pick out some holiday gifts I'll be picking up very soon! Thanks for making my life a little easier!" ~Amanda Reust DeMaar, September 5, 2015

"Our favorite Jewelry store on the Tidewater area. Always something new." ~Glen Caldwell, August 31st, 2015

"This place is awesome! Every time I walk in the door, I am greeted by the lovely ladies that are always eager to help. They are very knowledgeable about every piece and always seem to know exactly what I need. The jewelry is also very unique but you are guaranteed to find something to suit you." ~Allyson Scott, August 4th, 2015

"I had a wonderful experience shopping at the MacArthur Center location! Russell (co-owner with his wife) was friendly, informative, helpful and accommodating! He treated all the customers in the shop with respect and warmth, and was very helpful to me as I tried to make selections that fit my budget and my baggage restrictions! All the items in the store are of exceptional quality and are aesthetically pleasing. We had a delightful chat about various topics, gemstones, people, pets, life.... I am definitely coming back next time I'm in VA!!" ~Alison King, July 11th, 2015

"Luv this store, the jewelry, the owner and staff Top notch!" ~Ashley Noel, May 24, 2015

"The pieces are unique and beautiful. The staff is courteous, professional, and are able to provide input so you can find your perfect piece. My new favorite store!" ~Juanita Reily Mackay, February 14th, 2015

"I adore this store! They have the most unique and beautiful jewelry/gifts and the best customer service!" ~Jaime McQueen, January 6th, 2015

"The staff are so nice and helpful, shout out to Russel at the MacArthur location for helping me and my wife every time we go and being one of the nicest people! You definitely have a lifetime customer here!" ~Robert James Bachardy, October 9th, 2014

"I love the earrings my husband got me for my birthday! He can never go wrong at BeJeweled!" ~Rachel Kristine, October 6th, 2014

"Visited the Hilltop location today for the first time! Left with a necklace and earrings for my wedding. FABULOUS customer service, prices are incredible, and there really is something for everyone! Highly recommend this store!!!" ~Shannon Kidd, July 15, 2014

"Five stars! If you are looking for unique gemstone jewelry or a gift for someone stop in their new store in hilltop. Beautiful, fine handcrafted gifts and jewelry. I picked out my birthday present. Only 3 months away!" ~Jill Crist, July 7th, 2014

"I have several pieces from this store...it is my FAVORITE!! Great selection and unique gift ideas!" ~Kym Rodecker Shepherd, March 26th, 2014

"Love love love this store" ~Jenna Kopcik, March 15th, 2013

"It's wonderful to support a family-run business that values quality, craftsmanship, and great customer service. By supporting bejeweled you are, in addition, supporting the arts since everything is hand made by real artists around the world. Great cause!" ~Erica Bortnick, March 5, 2014

"The jewelry is unique and service unparalleled. Our family has truly enjoyed building a relationship (novelty during these times)with the owner- Russell and his entire staff. Truly a treasure in the midst of the Hampton Roads area." ~Shakira Munden, September 21st, 2013

"What don't I like?! Bejeweled is full of unique beautiful pieces of jewelry and art. The people there make it exceptional!" ~Deborah Dunn, October 13th, 2015

"Awesome store, beautiful and unique item and a kind and wonderful Owner/staff....." ~Rob Keech, December 28th, 2012

"I want to add everything in your store to my Christmas list!!!" ~Caroline M. Hendrix, November 25th, 2012

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