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    BeJeweled is proud to take the time to share gemstone information we have learned and studied over the years. We also love that we take the time to oversea every piece of jewelry we bring into our shop in Virginia Beach. Each piece we determine the quality of the metal smithing and gem quality.

    Gemstones have a very long history and have spiritual properties that have evolved throughout time. We will give you a brief description of those properties with each gem. We will also go into organic gems which include amber, coral, ivory, pearl and different shells.


    Abalone shell is an organic gem that is the nacre formed within the abalone marine snail's shell which is colorful and highly iridescent. The shell has a special "ear" shape and sometime are called ear shells or sea ears. Color can vary from white, pink, green, blue and purple. Abalone shell has been collected for centuries and have been used for jewelry just as long. Abalone, the ears of the sea, is believed to carry energy of protection and emotional balance. Possibly due to the fact that the shell is extremely durable and the way the shell is formed by proteins it can absorb a blow. It also is a natural shield that blesses a person with tranquility and can help one through emotional turmoil.


    We carry a variety of different agate gemstones. Each can hold different properties. Agate gemstones are associated with volcanic rocks and can be common metamorphic rocks. Originally discovered by a Greek philosopher and naturalist, Theophrastus, this gem has been collected for over 3,000 years. Named after a river Actetes in Sicily.  May different agates have parallel lines that give a banded appearance but others like Moss Agate and Dendritic Agate do not.


    Amber is an organic gem that has formed from fossilized natural tree resin. We carry Baltic amber that was formed from coniferous trees over 30 to 60 million years ago that is considered the finest amber in the world. The color of amber can vary from a yellow butterscotch to honey, cognac and cherry colors, as well as, green and blue. Most amber in jewelry is honey colored. Amber has been used in jewelry since the Stone Age over 13,000 years ago. Amber can bring us warmth and connects us to light. Amber has been thought to be connected to the sun and have solar energies.

    Did you know that Baltic amber contains 3 to 8% of succinic acid? And how is succinic acid used in contemporary medicine? In pharmaceuticals preventing the aging of human cells, a sort of potion of youth. Research is confirming what folk medicine has know for centuries that amber has the power to heal. So next time you wear your favorite piece of amber jewelry, take a moment to touch the gem for a therapeutic “pick me up.”


    Amethyst is a member of the quartz family with a trigonal crystal structure that can vary from a pale to deep purple color. Amethyst is a gem of royalty and was called a cardinal gem and was as valuable as precious gems like ruby and sapphires until a large deposit was discovered in Brazil. This beautiful purple gem is the birthstone for February and is one of the hardest colors to find in nature. In Greek history, it has been thought to be a strong antidote to drunkenness. Amethyst holds spiritual properties of protection and purification. It has been an aid to curb overindulgence and aid giving up habits.


    Apatite can be confused with other minerals and this tendency is it's name sake for the Greek word apatein means 'to deceive' or 'to be misleading.' Apatite comes in blue, green and gold though mostly we have carried the blue apatite in our jewelry collection. Blue apatite is thought to have a cleansing impact in the mental body and stimulates visionary states. It is a stone of inspiration that can lead one to a new understanding  of long standing problems or questions.


    Aquamarine is in the beryl family of gemstones and is related to emerald. The name comes from the Latin phrase 'water of the sea' which is a reference to the color of the crystals. The color can vary from blue to green with and without few inclusions. Metaphysically this gem brings a calming and cooling effect and could decrease hot flashes or anger. But even more importantly, it can help one in clear communication. The relaxation this gem has can help in articulating feelings, knowledge and wisdom.

    Aquamarine is the birthstone of March. It has been though to enhance the happiness of marriages by calming the waters. It also is, according to legend, has been regarded by sailors’ as a lucky stone because it originated in the treasure chest of fabulous mermaids. It is said to calm waves and bring sailors safely back home.

    Black Onyx

    Onyx is a variety of chalcedony in the quartz family. Naturally is more banded black and white and can be dyed to be a true black. Onyx is a stone of inner strength and enhances endurance and persistence. The ancient Roman's believed it bestowed courage going into battle and carried amulets engraved with Mar, the god of war, into battle. This mineral also enhances high level of focus and can boost memory.

    Black Spinel

    Spinel comes in a wide range of colors: red, blue, green, black, brown and even colorless. We tend to carry mostly black spinel. When faceted, black spinel has a brilliant sparkle and some people like to call t a black diamond for that reason. Spinel is associated with revitalization and brings fresh energy where it is most needed.

    Black Star Diopside

    Diopside can come in a variety of colors but we feature mostly black diopside that is cut into a cabachon to show of the radiant four point star. Diopside has needle like inclusions that are responsible for the star asterism that occurs. Black star diopside can help one reenergize the body, the soul and mind. It is said to physically help healing specially for the lungs, heart and circulatory system. Sometime called the 'crying stone' since it is said to bring our the tears to those who need to cleanse their emotions. Most star diopside comes from India, so it has also been called 'the Black Star of India.'

    Blue Lace Agate

    Blue lace agate comes mostly from Africa and has banding of blue and white. This gem is thought to help articulate oneself and assist in making oneself heard. Clarity and one's highest truth be clear and spoken in an unwavering way. Confidence to speak and be heard in all situations.

    Blue Topaz

    Blue topaz is one of the gemstone used for December's birthstone. Naturally blue topaz is found in a very pale blue or even clear hue. The color topaz you see when buying jewelry has been enhanced with heat, or irradiated, for it's color. Color can vary from a sky blue which is a pale light blue similar to aquamarine, a bright Swiss blue and to a dark London blue color. We tend to sell a variety of all of these colors in our shop. Blue topaz can help one with calming the mind for meditation and has a soothing effect on the emotional body. This gem also is said to connection with the throat chakra and third eye chakra, possibly aiding a sore throat or speech impediments.


    This gem is used for the birthstone for November as well as imperial topaz which is rare and can be very expensive. Citrine is also a member of the quartz family and the color can vary from a pale yellow to a dark amber. This gemstone has used in jewelry as early as 300 BC by the ancient Greeks and Romans. Citrine's color is like a sunny day and a dose of vitamin C for the soul. Like an opening door, this gem increases clarity of thought, enhances creativity and amplifies the power of will.


    Druzy, or spelled druse, is a term used to describe the very tiny mini crystals structure coating the surface of a stone. Just like an agate geode that has been opened up to find an array of tiny crystal within it's center. This crystal structure can occur with many different gems but mostly found in store with agate or chalcedony. Colors naturally are bit pale blue or pale brown so many have been electroplated in a metallic metal like titanium to give the gem a more brilliant color. Some druzy agate gems have been dyed to create colors of purple, blue, green and pink.


    Emerald is the green variety of beryl and used as the birthstone for May. The earliest mining of emerald was done in Egypt around 1300 BC. Because of it's long history, emerald has been admired and loved by many. In ancient Roma, emerald was viewed as a symbol of fertility and was associated with the goddess of Venus. The Spanish invaded South America to discover a greater source for emerald gemstones and soon dominated the emerald trade. Emerald is the color of the heart chakra which is home to our emotions, love and compassion. This gem can help offer unconditional love and compassion in one's daily life.

    Fossilized Ivory

    Now extinct, the mammoth roamed the earth until about 10,000 years ago. Mammoth ivory is found as a consequence of gold mining in Canada, Alaska and Siberia and is found in the layer just above the gold. It can also be found in deposits after a violent winter storm have revealed a portion of the material sticking up out of the permafrost near ancient lake beds. The grain pattern of spirals running clockwise and counter clockwise over one another proves it is pre-Ice Age mammoth ivory. Fossil walrus ivory is found mostly on St. Lawrence Island, Alaska and up and down the coast of mainland Alaska. Most is excavated by Eskimos from their Ancestral village sites and some fossil weathers out of the ground on its own. The color of the ivory varies due to the minerals surrounding the soil. Fossil walrus ivory is between five hundred to ten thousand years old.


    Garnet is the birthstone for January and is most commonly known as red, but comes in a variety of different colors. The word garnet comes from the Latin word granatum which means 'pomegranate.' Popular from ancient Egypt to ancient Greece and Roman,