Baltic Amber Jewelry

Baltic Amber Jewelry

Amber Earrings

This warm organic gem was formed 44 millions of years ago when sap from ancient trees hardened and fossilized. The Baltic coast is the world’s more important and largest source of fine gem quality amber. Amber has been used in jewelry since the Stone Ages over 13,000 years ago. Thought by different cultures to be some form of hardened liquid rays from the sun, this gem was traded between the Baltic Sea to the Mediterranean Sea along a trade route called the Amber Road. It was an important raw material called the “gold of the north.” From the Mediterranean and farther south it made it’s way to Italy, Greece, the Black Sea and Egypt from at least the sixteenth century and farther back. From the Black Sea, this gem found it’s way onto other trade routes to continue on to Asia.

With its rich history and legends, Amber has remained a prized gem to be a cherished heirloom piece in one’s private jewelry collection. We love to feature this gem during the crisp weather of Fall as a way to capture the last of the summer sun rays before we head into the months of winter. Amber is the perfect way to add some honey, cognac, cherry colors to your Fall wardrobe.

Amber Bracelet

Amber almost always feels warm and is termed a solar stone. Amber is a powerful stone for healing and to relieve stress. Besides being used to help soothe babies that are teething, it also is good for arthritis, headaches and migraines, joint pain associated with chemotherapy and more.

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