Fall Decorating with C & H Glassworks

Fall Decorating with C & H Glassworks

Large Glass Pumpkin

More amazing art glass has arrived from C & H Glassworks out of Colorado. New extra large pumpkins being displayed in Mango Ruby shown above, as well as, Mango Gold.

These warm toned glass pumpkins are all handmade by American glass artist Corey Silverman and Horace Marlowe of Colorado. Corey was formally trained in at Alfred University in New York. Corey had worked in many glass studios before settling in Denver, Colorado. His studies with glass have led him to experiment with slumped forms, casting, cold work, solid sculpting and blowing. His favorite has been the blown form. “I love the immediacy found in making a blown vessel. There’s no questioning what it’s going to look like. You know the end result as you’re putting it away in the annealer. It feels great to have that kind of instant gratification in an art form.” His partner Horace Marlowe was studio trained in some of finest glass studios from Florida to Colorado making glass sculptures. “My love of glass stems back to 1986 where I experienced it for the first time in Colonial Williiamsburg. I was amazed at the grace and fluidity of the glass blowers’ movements. The heat, the fire, the glow of the glass, I knew then, I was hooked.” This team makes the most beautiful glass pumpkins in many different colors. They are great displayed individually or as a cluster grouping.

Also have fun entertaining with their colorful vino breve stemless wineglasses that come in confetti color, red/orange, blue, green and coffee colors.

Stemless Wine Glasses

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