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Sterling Silver Fossil Ivory Peridot Bee Earrings

Sterling Silver Fossil Ivory Peridot Bee Earrings

$ 165.00

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Fossilized Walrus Ivory and Peridot with Sterling Silver and Gold Fill Bee Dangle Earrings 1 1/2”h x 7/8”w

This intricate design incorporates fossilized walrus ivory that is between five hundred to three thousand years old. The ivory is excavated by Eskimos from their Ancestral village sites on St. Lawrence Island, Alaska and on the coast of Alaska. Then it is sent to Bali, Indonesia where it is handcrafted by native artists.

Care: Due to the natural state of the ivory, use only a soft cleaning cloth to polish any metal. Do not use jewelry cleaners, chemicals, soaps, or detergents. Avoid extreme heat, moisture, and soaking.

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